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The Bangkok Wastewater Project – Stage 4 Works

Project Name: The Bangkok Wastewater Project – Stage 4 Works

Firm Name: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.

Associate Firms: Mott Macdonald Ltd. GKW Consult

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Project Owner: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Type of Project: Sanitation system

Value of Project: 3,482 million Baht

Period: December 2001- April 2006

Project Features:

Project components include:

1. Wastewater collection system comprising:-

- Wastewater pipes of 400 mm. 2,300 mm., total length 26.4 km.

- 175 manholes

2.  Wastewater treatment facilities comprising:-

- Wastewater treatment plant, with capacity of 150,000 m.3/day

- Equipment installation

- Pipeline system installation

- Electrical system installation

- Control system  installation

The Consultant provides the following services to the BMA:

- Auditing and approval of the Contractor’s design;

- Examination and approval of the contractor’s programmer of  work;

- Construction supervision (wastewater collector systems and the wastewater treatment plants);

- Material, equipment, and facility tests (including inspection upon manufacture, prior to shipment);

- Operation & maintenance





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