Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project Name: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Name of Company: Wisit Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.

Name of Associates Firm: Architects 49 Limited

Location: Sri Ayuthaya Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand

Project Cost: 1,300 million baht

Type of Service: Structural Engineering Design

Project Description: Ministry of Foreign Affairs buildings consists of government office (37,000 sq.m.), hall (500 seats), seminar room (20 seats), meeting room (200 seats), executive and general office section. Recreational area consists of restaurant (360 seats), diplomatic meeting room, outdoor sport complex (3,000 sq.m.) and car parking (500 units, 15,000 sq.m.).

The building is a 4-storey reinforced concrete building. Flat slab was used for floor system. Piling system was constructed with bored pile to transfer the load to dense sand layer.

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