Vision & Philosophy

C E A T is going to achieve its future position as the LEADER in our Nation's consulting engineering profession and gain recognition from the following targets:

First, from Its Members - as the center that creates business opportunities and public recognition of consulting engineering profession. 
"Second, from the Council of Engineers and related professional institutions - as a counterpart that offers active cooperation in the development of consulting engineers, and overseeing their performance in accordance to the code of conducts and code of practice; 

"Third, from the Society - as an association of qualified, reliable professionals that work for the benefits of the society, and with transparency in practice; 
"Fourth, from the Government and the Nation - as a representative of Thai Consulting Engineers in strengthening national proficiency and paving the way into the international market; 

"And Last, from International Organizations, as an association that gains worldwide acceptance to participate, in equal terms, with foreign counterparts in international activities. 

“Bearing in mind the growing significance of its status, C E A T is now working collectively to achieve these ambitious goals.”