Air Traffic Control Complex, Suvarnabhumi Airport

Project Name: Air Traffic Control Complex, Suvarnabhumi Airport

Consultant Firm: ACT Consultants Co., Ltd. (ACT)

Associates Firm: KCS & Associates Co., Ltd. was the subconsultant responsible for the structural engineering work during both the detailed design and construction supervision phases. ACT was responsible for the architectural, geotechnical, MEPS system works during both phases as well as the construction management work during the construction phase. Overall, ACT was responsible for about 80% of the total work loads.

Project Location: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Amphoe Bangpli, Sumutprakarn Province, Thailand

Project Owner: Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co., Ltd.

Type of Project: The Air Traffic Control Complex consists of 6-story concrete/glass facade office building of 7,300 m2housing the administrative offices, the Aerodome Control Room, Ground To Air/Trunk Radios and Meteorological Center, and the 132 m reinforced concrete Control Tower with perforated aluminium facade around the core.

The Tower has approximately 2,600 m2 floor space, with the Visual Control Room (VCR) on the top floor and other facilities such as the Rest & Recreation area for stand-by controllers, radio and other equipment rooms, Crisis Command Center, etc., on lower floors.  The construction cost was 660 million baht.

Technical Qualification: The tower and the 6-storey office are connected by 2-storey foot bridge.  One of the design challenges in this project was in dealing with the differential settlement as well as the difference in responses to wind and earthquake between the two parts.  The tower was designed for 120 kmh wind and earthquake force equivalent to 0.1g.

The construction schedule of 23 months was very tight in comparison with an average of about 36 months for other control towers of similar dimension.  Slip forms were used for the casting of the tower’s concrete cores.  The tower’s floors are cast on formwork hung from the roof of the VCR.    The construction was completed ready for tesairport.

Highlight: The Control Tower at Suvarnabhumi is the tallest in the world standing 132 m tall to roof level, airport not included.  It has the capacity to serve the ultimate phase of airport development which is projected to have 4 runways, 2 main terminals with associated concourses and 2 midfield satellite concourses serving 100 Million Annual Passengers.

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