Impact Arena (Muang Thong Thani Sport Complex)

Project Name: Impact Arena (Muang Thong Thani Sport Complex)

Consultant: SPC Consulting Engineers Co.,Ltd.

Associates: Sindhu Maunsell Consultants and EEC

Project Owner: Bangkok Land Co.,Ltd.

Project Location: Muang Thong Thani, Jaeng Wattana, Thailand

Type Size and Value: Reinforced Concrete Building with Steel roof structures of long span. Construction cost : 3,300 Million Baht(1998)

Project Description: The Multi-purpose Complex blends the art of Modern Architecture and the requirements for flexible functions as one of the venues of the 13th Asian Games. The facilities provide for a 12,500 spectators Arena arranged in a horse-shoe layout and 4 primary spaces of 5,000 sq.m.

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Highlights: This sport complex held indoor game events during the 13Asian Games (1998). Building comprises two major parts :

First Part: Arena is covered with 105 m. span structural steel roof truss. The trusses can hold 40 tons of sound equipment over the center stage during events.

Second Part: Exhibition Hall that can be separated into four halls by hanging partition the clear height above floor is 14.0 m for Sport Events; Valley Ball and Gymnastics. This part is covered with 86.5 m span structural steel roof truss that utilizes high tensile rods (Dywdag Bars that can sustain 200 tons force) for bottom tension member.

The weight persquare meter of roof truss is approximately 45.0 kg. Acoustical system and insulation under steel roof sheet are of such high specifications to exclude aircraft noise. The floor slab is designed for heavy truck loads, so the trailers can drive in to bringing exhibition components into halls which are presently used as a multipurpose building.

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