Ongkharak Nuclear Research Center (ONRC)

Project Name: Ongkharak Nuclear Research Center (ONRC)

Company Name: ATT Consultants Co, Ltd. (ATT)

Associated Firm: General Atomic (USA.) ANSTO (Australia), Marubeni & Hitachi (Japan)

Project Location : Ongkharak district, Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand

Project Owner: Office of Atomic Energy for Peace (OAEP), Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

Type of Services: Detailed design and construction (EPC Contractor) 1998- 1999

Sector/Capacity: Energy & Building / 10 MW

Project Cost: Approximate 5,000 million THB

Narrative of Project: Over ten years ago OAEP had planned to establish a new 10 MW Nuclear Research Center project in Ongkharak district, Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand. The project aim is to replace the existing plant that locates at the same area of OAEP’s office, Bangkok.

The new plant project consists of Reactor Island, Isotope Production, Waste Processing and Storage Facility Buildings. In early stage of project development OAEP as the project owner has required an EPC Contractor to implement the works, i.e. detailed design and construction.  An EPC Contractor comprises of General Atomic (USA.), ANSTO (Australia), Marubeni & Hitachi (Japan) had been awarded to carry out the mentioned works. 

ATT itself had been assigned by the EPC Contractor to take fully the responsibility on the basic and detailed design balance of plant and construction management & supervision, procurement assistance as well.  The detailed design scope for balance of plant comprises architectural & structural, mechanical and electrical engineering works for the Reactor Island Building, Isotope Production Building and Waste Processing & Waste Storage Buildings.

The detailed design of the mentioned works was completed and ready to start of the next stage for construction management & supervision and procurement assistance as planned.  It is a pity that the project was postponed and so far.  The project when has been completely established would be seen as illustrated by a few picture.

Highlight : The buildings, i.e. Reactor Island, Isotope Production and Waste Processing & Waste Storage are reinforced concrete structures and enclosed type.  The design and construction implementation shall strictly be complied with principles and standards of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) under both normal and accident conditions such as ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), SAR (Safety Analysis Report).  The ONRC Project is no intention to generate electrical energy but it is developed to utilize for peace orientation, namely it’s product is useful enormously.  There will be applied to utilize in the field of industry, agriculture, medicine, etc. for Thailand