Preparation of Master and Action Plan, Development of the Penang- Songkhla Economic Zone through the Utilization of Thailand’s Natural Gas Resources

Project Name: Preparation of Master and Action Plan, Development of the Penang- Songkhla Economic Zone through the Utilization of Thailand’s Natural Gas Resources

Consultant: Asian Engineering Consultants Corp., Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Project Location within Country: 5 Southern Border Provinces, Thailand

Name of Client: Regional Economic Development Co-operation Committee Office (REDCCO) National Economic and Social Development Board

Professional Staff Provided :

No. of Staff: 9

No. of Man-Months: 23

Start Date (Month/Year) 09/1998 Completion Date (Month/Year) 07/1999

Approximate Value of Services: US$ 0.59 M.

Name of associated firm(s), if any : Proportion: Wilbur Smith Associates, Inc. 58.56 %

Project Cost : US$ 988 M.  (1 US$ = 40 Baht)

Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :

1. Developments of the industries using less energy along the roads.

2. Development of IMT-GT industries which are mentioned in this report using less energy.

3. Development of industries located outside the road Penang-Songkhla such as Pattani.


Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

1. Prepare implementation plan for New Economic Development Zone.

2. Prepare implementation plan for infrastructure system to support the new industries development.

3. Prepare master plan for land use of new economic zone for each state including marketing area and industrial area, residential area and other activities concerned.

4. Pre-feasibility study of those infrastructures with high priority in order to support new industries development and the other areas concerned.

5. Study in environmental impact to the industries area and prepare the implementation plan of measures for protection and release of the impact.

6. Consult for provision of an efficient institute and management strategy for new industrial zone.

7. Recommend policy and procedure to support new industrial zone and public participation.

Highlight :

This project develops the industries using less energy.