Project Study and Revision on Technology and Project Management Suitability of Municipal Waste-Fired Power Plant

Project NameProject Study and Revision on Technology and Project Management Suitability of Municipal Waste-Fired Power Plant

ConsultantConsultants of Technology Co., Ltd. (COT)

Location Waste Disposal Site of Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) at On-nuch district, Bangkok, Thailand

Owner Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Ministry of Interior

Description BMA’s over dumping of municipal garbage average 3,500 ton/day at On-nuch posed serious  environmental problem. Sanitary landfill could not handle such continuous coming of daily waste. Therefore incineration is proposed bywhich electricity generation could be beneficial for MEA. The results from study were recommended an initial scale of 500 tons waste-fired plant as a pilot plant with electricity generating capacity of 11.4 MW. for starting up a joint operation and investment between MEA and BMA.

Construction Cost 2,600 Million Baht (68.42 Million $US) (1 $US : 38 Baht) (Estimation Cost)

COT Engagement 

1. Waste Balance Evaluation

2. Technology and Size Suitability Review

3. Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE)

4. Management Scenarios Study

5. Financial and Economic Study

Duration April - September 2006