Suksawat Modern Condoview

Project Name: Suksawat Modern Condoview

Consultant: FSE Consultant Co, Ltd.

Name of Company: FSE Consultant Co., Ltd.

Location: 180 Suksawat Road, Ratburana, Bangkok 10140, Thailand

Client: Suksawat Modern Condoview Co., Ltd.

Construction Cost: 500,000,000.00 THBaht

Type of Service: Project Feasibility, Preliminary Survey, Architectural Design, Structural Design, M & E Designs, Estimates

Project Description: Suksawat Modern Condoview is a 23-Storey, 38,000 square meters - condominium located on a site adjacent to the Rama 9 suspension bridge. It has been servicing since 1993 or 15 years ago .The key facilities and functions include car - parks from the 1st to – 5th floors, swimming pool on the 6th floor, 500 residence rooms from the 6th to – 22nd floors, underground R.C. water tank, R.C. water tank on the roof and under-ground waste water treatment plant.

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